Xceed Zelle P2P Real-time

Safeguard your P2P services.

Through API-based integration with either your digital banking platform or your Zelle service provider, Xceed Zelle P2P Real-time uses machine learning and behavioral analytics to detect in real-time anomalous digital banking payment activities involving Zelle; and offers real-time intervention to detect and prevent unauthorized fund transfers through Zelle.

Xceed Zelle P2P Real-time provides an intuitive user interface design for alert disposition and case management. Customers have the flexibility to define policies based on evaluated fraud risks or they can define their own criteria for fraud intervention, optimizing the amount of friction used to deter fraudsters.

Xceed Zelle P2P Real-time Features

Machine learning and behavioral-based fraud monitoring with real-time risk scoring of Zelle payment activities

Real-time risk-based intervention to deter fraudsters from extracting funds through Zelle service

Flexible API-based integration supports different types of Zelle implementation within a digital banking platform, from single-sign-on to imbedded mobile SDK

Xceed Zelle P2P Real-time Benefits

Real-time Risk Scoring
Mitigate Account Take Over

Effectively mitigate Account Take Over fraud in real-time involving fraudulent transactions using Zelle P2P service.

Enable friction-right digital banking

Securely enable friction-right consumer digital banking experience with the lowest false positive rate for fraud detection.

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