NICE Actimize offers two types of services to meet the needs of every customer. Our Training and Certification programs offer a certification program that will enhance the professional capabilities of any fraud analyst as well as instructor-led advanced courses. Our managed services offering, Xceed FraudDESK, helps customers detect fraud efficiently while using NICE Actimize Xceed solutions.

Xceed FraudDESK

Xceed FraudDESK is a managed service offering the best protection against banking fraud with the least impact on staffing. Our expert fraud analysts use NICE Actimize’s proven fraud prevention software on your behalf to protect your account holders without changing staff responsibilities or putting other projects on hold. Now you can keep strategic initiatives on track and improve your fraud risk management.

Benefits of Xceed FraudDESK

  • Proactively monitor all accounts and payments
  • Escalate high-risk activity indicative of account takeover or payments fraud
  • Rapidly investigate suspicious online and mobile sessions, and ACH files
  • Understand and align with your business and payment operations to meet SLAs and proactively prevent unauthorized transactions

“FraudDESK helps us understand fraud trends while letting us focus on other strategic banking initiatives.”

Training and Certification

NICE Actimize offers a comprehensive training and certification program designed to enhance the professional capabilities of each Xceed user. From expert fraud analysis to machine learning, our training and certification program enables both new and experienced customers to get the most out of the NICE Actimize Xceed platform. The curriculum includes a self-paced certification program and instructor led courses for advanced users.

Platform Certification

  • In this self-paced online training course, the user will learn to navigate the platform and integrate alert review into their daily fraud prevention process using our three-step best practice workflow.

Applied Fraud Analysis - Online Banking

  • Prerequisite: Platform Certification
  • Instructor-led. This course for Online Banking builds on the foundation of the platform certification, focusing on fraud analysis.

Operational Readiness

  • Prerequisite: None
  • Instructor-led. Learn how to integrate the Guardian Analytics platform into your current business operations by aligning existing tools and processes with Guardian Analytics solutions.

Learn how NICE Actimize provides both the fraud detection software and Xceed FraudDESK services mid-sized financial institutions need to protect themselves and their customers from fraud.