Fraud Detection for Enterprise Treasury Management Systems

Financial institutions aren’t the only targets for account takeover, business email compromise and other fraud schemes. As criminals expand their attack surfaces, enterprise corporations with B2B web portals need a tailored solution to protect against black hat fraudsters.

Expert level fraud detection

With over 400 financial institution customers, our behavioral analytics and machine learning technology is the gold standard. To date, we’ve protected over 40 million banking accounts.

Protect your B2B web portal with the most trusted behavioral analytics and machine learning solution

Guardian Analytics Sentinel is the industry’s first and most advanced behavioral analytics and machine learning solution to detect fraudulent activity, in real-time for B2B web portals.

Real-time Fraud Detection

Guardian Analytics Sentinel monitors, analyzes and calculates a real-time risk score for every online portal interaction and automatically quarantines high-risk transactions such as wire, ACH or foreign exchange transfers while expediting the process for low-risk transactions.

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API-enabled Machine to Machine Learning

With its open Enterprise API, Guardian Analytics Sentinel provides a real-time risk scoring engine that does not require manual intervention. The machine-to-machine architecture offers corporate treasury systems the ability to detect anomalous behavior and in turn, offer automated step-up authentication.

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Supports High Performance

With the most precise risk scoring, our real-time web services architecture easily plugs into both on-premise and cloud based enterprise systems, giving information security professionals easy-to-use investigation tools to efficiently detect unauthorized access to secure applications such as treasury management systems,  B2B vendor web portals, procurement portals, and other internal or external applications.

 A superior solution to protect B2B vendor portals from fraud.


Detect fraudulent activity, in real-time for B2B web portals with the most advanced behavioral analytics and machine learning solution.


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