Fraud Insights: The State of ACH Fraud

ACH fraud rose significantly in 2018 with ACH credit fraud jumping to 20% and debit fraud increasing to 33%, according to the 2019 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey. The 2018 Federal Reserve Payment Study states that ACH fraud payments equate to 8 cents for every $10,000 in transactions i.e. $800K for $100B in ACH transactions.

In this webinar, we cover:

  • Learn how to estimate the ACH fraud value
  • Benchmark yourself against your banking peers to compare if you have stopped as much ACH fraud as they have
  • Learn how Guardian Analytics detects and prevents the most recent ACH Fraud schemes

The latest ACH fraud attacks combine known exploits such as email compromise with new exploits such as synthetic identity altering the ACH batch events. By monitoring end-to-end from login to batch transaction patterns with machine learning & behavioral analytics, Guardian Analytics is uniquely positioned to protect billions of ACH transactions in real-time.

Presenters: Debbie Lopez, Director of FraudDESK Operations & Strategic Accounts; Eric Tran-Le, Co-CEO & VP of Product Management