Special Edition: Fraud Insights: COVID-19 Attacks

Our FraudDESK Team is seeing a significant uptick in fraud attacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With financial institutions’ employees working from home communicating and sharing sensitive banking information online with their customers and amongst themselves, fraudsters are exploiting vulnerabilities to compromise accounts and perform illicit money movements.

In this webinar, we cover:

  • What are the surge in conventional & new attacks that we are seeing now?
  • What are the changes in account holder/user behaviors that you need to detect?
  • What type of real-time intervention policies to create?
  • What are security tips for the “work from home” enterprise?

Presenters: John Olson, VP, Cloud Operations and Security; Debbie Lopez, Director of FraudDesk Operations & Strategic Accounts; Eric Tran-Le, Co-CEO & VP of Product Management