Practical Use Cases of Behavioral Biometrics in Banking

Behavioral biometrics has been touted as driving a “silent revolution” in authentication, having the potential to restructure the authentication landscape and be the glue that connects the fraud prevention space and the identity management space. With so many possibilities and use cases for this technology, banks and enterprises of all sizes often are overwhelmed with how to incorporate this technology into their technology stack and what applications it is best suited for. Join experts from BioCatch and Guardian Analytics for a live webinar as we explore best practices and how leading financial institutions today are using behavioral biometrics to prevent new account fraud and detect a host of cyberattacks, including highly sophisticated social engineering schemes.

Watch this webinar and understand how behavioral biometrics are used to:

  • Detect suspicious user identity on mobile devices
  • Enable frictionless and frictionright authentication experience
  • Complement other technologies to score the likelihood of payments fraud

Presenters: Eric Tran-Le and Sayalee Pawar, Guardian Analytics, Ayelet Biger-Levin, BioCatch