Wire transfer fraud detection and prevention in real-time.

Xceed Wire applies industry-leading, behavior-based fraud detection technology to wire transactions, providing fraud prevention for all originated or received wire transfers through any channel. Xceed Wire monitors, analyzes, and calculates a real time risk score for every transaction and can automatically quarantine high-risk wires while expediting the processing of low risk wires.

BEC Scam Detection

Xceed Wire has the highest detection rate for BEC wires.

The algorithms monitor the following behavioral changes:

  • Unusual transfer amounts
  • New, or infrequent, beneficiaries
  • New, or unusual, origination or destination locations
  • Changes in transaction velocity

Xceed Wire Features

Turnkey real-time integration with major payments platforms

BEC scam detection

Sophisticated modeling of originators and beneficiaries

Rich session-specific context and account history

Xceed Wire Benefits

Reduce Fraud Losses and Risk
Reduce Losses

Reduce losses by proactively detecting many types of fraud such as BEC scams, account takeovers, and more.

Achieve Competitive Objectives
Achieve Competitive Objectives

Achieve competitive objectives and business imperatives by enhancing protection without impacting customer experience.

Improve Operational Efficiency
Increase Operational Efficiency

Increase operational efficiency by focusing on the highest risk transactions and reducing callbacks.

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