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Pivot from reactive to proactive loss prevention with Guardian Analytics Real-time Wire Fraud Detection

Reducing fraud loss is the number one driver for any financial institution when devising a fraud mitigation strategy. The amount of loss depends on how fast you can detect fraud – what is your time-to-alert? Does it have a long delay or short delay? – and when you will detect fraud – is it post-transactions or pre-transactions?

Why Guardian Analytics?

Real-time risk scoring for every wire (outbound & inbound)

Automatic quarantine of high-risk wires

Expedited processing of low-risk wires

Fraud detection based on dozens of inputs

Sophisticated, individualized behavioral modeling

Standardized integration for rapid deployment

Meets FFIEC guidelines for anomaly detection

Detect and intervene in real-time.

Guardian analytics detects & intervenes in real-time

With our enterprise API integration for payments or digital banking platform, we calculate risk scores in real-time as events are received. Customers can self-configure intervention policies to apply to suspicious behaviors. For example, auto-hold a transaction or command the payment platform to trigger a MFA challenge when risk is high.

The intervention policy can create a window for fraud analysts to review and make a manual decision on whether to let transaction pass through, or hold.

Wire Benefits

Without real-time fraud detection, wire transactions are held in a manual review process, costing valuable time and employee resources. More important though, fraudulent wire transactions can slip through the cracks. By implementing Guardian Analytics Real-time Wire Fraud Detection, your financial institution will gain:

Real-time Wire Fraud Detection

Real-time Fraud Detection

Real-time Wire Fraud High-risk Priority

High Risk Prioritization

Real-time Wire Fraud Intervention

Real-time Fraud Intervention

Fraud Detection for Faster Payments in Action

Guardian Analytics protects the following payment channels at a large US financial institution:

  • Bill Pay
  • Non Real-time P2P/A2A
  • Real-time Wire Fraud Detection
  • Same-day ACH
  • Real-time Zelle P2P
Fraud Detection for Faster Payments in Action

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Learn how Guardian Analytics Real-time Wire Fraud Detection provides the fraud detection software and services mid-sized financial institutions need to protect themselves and their customers from wire fraud.