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Real-time Wire Detection Solutions

Guardian Analytics and Finastra

Pivot from reactive to proactive loss prevention with Guardian Analytics Real-time Wire Fraud Detection

Reducing fraud loss is the number one driver for any financial institution when devising a fraud mitigation strategy. The amount of loss depends on how fast you can detect fraud – what is your time-to-alert? Does it have a long delay or short delay? – and when you will detect fraud – is it post-transactions or pre-transactions?

Why Guardian Analytics?

Real-time risk scoring for every wire (outbound & inbound)

Automatic quarantine of high-risk wires

Expedited processing of low-risk wires

Fraud detection based on dozens of inputs

Sophisticated, individualized behavioral modeling

Standardized integration for rapid deployment

Meets FFIEC guidelines for anomaly detection

Detect and intervene in real-time.

Guardian analytics detects & intervenes in real-time

With our enterprise API integration for payments or digital banking platform, we calculate risk scores in real-time as events are received. Customers can self-configure intervention policies to apply to suspicious behaviors. For example, auto-hold a transaction or command the payment platform to trigger a MFA challenge when risk is high.

The intervention policy can create a window for fraud analysts to review and make a manual decision on whether to let transaction pass through, or hold.

Wire Benefits

Without real-time fraud detection, wire transactions are held in a manual review process, costing valuable time and employee resources. More important though, fraudulent wire transactions can slip through the cracks. With a Guardian Analytics-Finastra integration, financial institutions will experience:

Real-time Wire Fraud High-risk Priority

Lowest false positives from machine learning & behavioral analytics

Real-time Wire Fraud Detection

Faster and better fraud decisioning

Enhanced Service

Enhanced service and offerings based on customer behavior

Here’s what our customers say.

“With more than 500 digital currency and Fintech customers using our platform to scale their business, having real-time wire fraud detection and intervention that can scale with our business is essential. Guardian Analytics Machine Learning & Behavioral Analytics Wire Fraud Detection is monitoring transactions in real-time with a high level of fraud detection accuracy for Silvergate Bank.” -Kate Fraher, Chief Operations Officer, Silvergate Bank

Real-time Fraud Prevention

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Learn how Guardian Analytics detects fraudulent wire payments in real-time with the most proven integration to Finastra.