Xceed Online Business Fraud Detection

Proven Fraud Prevention for Online Business Banking

Xceed Online Business is the only solution that provides comprehensive behavior analytics fraud prevention for online business banking. Xceed Online Business provides turnkey integrations with all major online banking platforms and offers seamless and rapid deployment.

With holistic view of online banking activities across all users in a commercial account, fraud analysts can effectively and efficiently identify account compromise and prevent unauthorized wire transfer, ACH payment, and other online payment requests in the multi-user business banking environment.

Xceed Online Business Fraud Detection Features

Analyze all online banking activities from login to logout

Detect anomalous behavior based on device, geo-location, time, activities, transaction details, and many other factors

Prioritized alerts based on risk score

Rich session-specific context and account history

Xceed Online Business Fraud Detection Benefits

Reduce Fraud Losses and Risk
Reduce Fraud Losses and Risk

Reduce fraud losses and risk by detecting the widest array of current and emerging fraud threats.

Improve Operational Efficiency
Improve Operational Efficiency

Improve operational efficiency and team productivity by providing prioritized alerts and rich context for unusual activity.

Enhance Compliance
Enhance Compliance

Enhance compliance by conforming to FFIEC guidance that recommends anomaly detection as part of your layered security strategy.

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