Guardian Analytics® Introduces Banking Industry’s First Solution to Protect Against Fraud Risk Created by Same Day ACH

Guardian Analytics ACH Real-time is the only future-proof solution that addresses same-day processing and paves the way for meeting faster payment requirements
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., August 22, 2016Guardian Analytics, the market leader in real-time behavioral analytics and machine learning solutions for preventing banking fraud, today announced the launch of the industry’s first real-time ACH solution to protect against fraud risk created by Same Day ACH. By monitoring originated or received files including batches and batch entries for suspicious behavior, Guardian Analytics ACH-ODFI Real-time and ACH-RDFI Real-time solutions intervene by automatically holding high-risk batches for further review, and expediting low risk batches for further processing. Financial institutions now have the ability to streamline their operations to meet new submission deadlines introduced by Same Day ACH and any future accelerated payment initiatives.
“Same Day ACH will greatly reduce the amount of time in which financial institutions can assess transaction risk,” said Julie Conroy, research director at Aite Group. “We’ve seen that fraudsters are quick to capitalize on the exposure this creates in other countries that have moved to faster payment processes, and the U.S. will be no exception.”
“Guardian Analytics’ ACH solution is crucial to our fraud department,” said Matthew Smith, Vice President of eBanking Services at Happy State Bank. “It gives us great insight into customer activity, and impacts our ability to offer a great customer experience while mitigating ACH fraud risk.”
This solution minimizes disruption to existing ACH operations by seamlessly integrating with financial institutions’ payments infrastructure, which will allow them to be up and running quickly.
Guardian Analytics solutions offer high visibility into originators’ and recipients’ activities making it easier for analysts to investigate suspicious behavior and make fast decisions on ACH batches.
“Guardian Analytics ACH-ODFI Real-time and ACH-RDFI Real-time solutions offer automated batch intervention and easily integrate with major ACH platforms,” said Luis Rojas, Vice President of Product Management at Guardian Analytics. “We continue to focus our efforts on fraud loss prevention by offering financial institutions advanced protection and real-time control over fraudsters and fraud risk.”
Guardian Analytics ACH-ODFI Real-time and Guardian Analytics ACH-RDFI Real-time are now available. To learn more, contact Guardian Analytics, visit the Guardian Analytics ACH webpage, or see the product in action at Guardian Analytics’ YouTube channel.
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