Guardian Analytics Co-CEO & CFO Hue Harguindeguy Named in “Flying High: Women Leaders 2020”

Mountain View, CA, August 14, 2020 – Aspioneer, a platform for showcasing the most current and relevant information companies need to succeed today, has selected Guardian Analytics’ Co-CEO & CFO Hue Harguindeguy to be included in their “Flying High: Women Leaders 2020” special edition. Aspioneer searched for women leaders who demonstrated expertise in their field, longevity and success, among many factors, to highlight the august accomplishments of these venerable women.

Aspioneer spoke with Hue about her journey in the very competitive world she has excelled in and the critical factors in her career that contributed to her success. When asked about how she tackled challenges, Hue responded, “I overcame these issues by always being the best at what I was doing. Long hours to become the expert in my domain. It was not about doing my job but about excelling at my job and at every step in my career – always learning, and especially anything and everything that was adjacent to my job. Which made it easier later to broaden the scope of my activities, get more responsibilities and rise to leadership positions when people come to respect your opinions.”

The full interview will be published in Aspioneer’s September special issue and will be available here:

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