The Frontlines of Fraud


BEC is Getting More Sophisticated, Machine Learning to Detect BEC Fraud is Imperative Now

A weaponized ML model can only be fought with ML and behavioral analytics on both transactional and non-transactional data. As a pioneer in Machine Learning and Behavioral Analytics for Fraud Detection, Guardian Analytics continuously enhances its multi-channel fraud detection model algorithms to fight conventional and weaponized ML fraud schemes.

Prevent, Identify, and Uncover Micro-structuring with Guardian Analytics AML Solutions

Micro-structuring is a structuring scheme that is difficult for traditional AML rule-based systems to detect. Guardian Analytics AML solutions brings powerful new capabilities to detect and aid in the investigation of these complex money laundering schemes. Guardian Analytics AML solutions provides configurable KYC forms to prevent micro-structuring at the start, region-specific micro-structuring detection through flexible Smart Rules, and a Multi-channel Graph Link Analysis to detect the hidden relationship and movement of funds.