Guardian Analytics® and Star One Credit Union to Present Webinar on the Benefits of a Modern AML Platform

On Sept 27th, at 11:00 am PST Star One Credit Union and Guardian Analytics will explain how to perform a seamless upgrade to a Modern AML Platform

Mountain View, CA, September 17th, 2018Guardian Analytics, the market leader in real-time behavioral analytics and machine learning solutions for banking payment fraud detection, enterprise B2B portal fraud and AML, today announced an upcoming executive webinar “The benefits of a modern AML platform”.

In this webinar, Lynn Brubaker, VP and former BSA officer at Star One Credit Union will describe the key considerations to modernize their current AML system.

“There were 3 key considerations for us to upgrade to a modern AML system. The new system must be Easy-to-Use to increase AML investigation team efficiency, Easy-to-Change Rules to keep up with new regulatory rules and potential new methods of wrongdoings by financial criminals, Seamless Upgrade to the modern AML system. Guardian Analytics Evidence Lake™ Platform fulfilled all of 3.
In this webinar, Lynn Brubaker and Eric Tran-Le, Vice President of Product Management at Guardian Analytics will describe the key benefits through 3 key AML business flows:

  • From Transaction Monitoring Alert to Investigation
  • From Investigation to SAR filing
  • From Alert Dashboard to What-If Simulation & Reporting

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