Guardian Analytics® announces participation in Epcor Payments Conference, Spring 2018

Guardian Analytics’ Same Day ACH payment platform takes center stage at the conference.

Mountain View, CA, May 8, 2018Guardian Analytics, the market leader in real-time behavioral analytics and machine learning solutions for banking payment fraud detection and enterprise B2B portal fraud, announced their attendance today at the Epcor Payments Spring Conference in Columbus, Ohio.

Guardian Analytics provides a Same-Day ACH platform to address the need for real-time fraud detection that keeps up with the same-day processing and faster payment requirements for financial institutions. The solution monitors origination files for unexpected and suspicious activity and place high risk batches on hold while expediting low risk batches. This process allows banks to protect their customers from unauthorized debits and tax fraud with minimal impact on operations.

“Our attendance at Epcor Payments further solidifies our dedication to helping financial institutions reshape their fraud detection strategies to adapt to the ever-changing payments landscape. Our ACH fraud detection platform quickly offers insight into ACH batches and transactions in real-time while allowing a friction-right customer environment,” said Eric Tran-Le, Vice President of Product Management at Guardian Analytics.

The Epcor Payments Spring Conference will be held on May 22nd-24thin Columbus, Ohio.

About Guardian Analytics
Guardian Analytics is the pioneer and leading provider of behavioral analytics and machine learning solutions for preventing banking and enterprise portal fraud. Hundreds of financial institutions have standardized on Guardian Analytics’ innovative solutions to mitigate fraud risk and rely on the company to stop the sophisticated criminal attacks targeting retail and commercial banking clients. With Guardian Analytics, financial institutions build trust, increase competitiveness, improve their customer experience and scale operations. Guardian Analytics is privately held and based in Mountain View, CA. For more information, please visit
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