Guardian Analytics® and Aite Research Group to present how to prevent Peer-to-Peer (P2P) payment fraud in real time

On June 28th at 11:00 am PST, Guardian Analytics and Aite Research Group will describe the different types of real-time payments in Digital Banking from Online Bill Pay to emerging P2P payments and explain why machine learning and behavioral analytics are needed to prevent fraud in real-time

Mountain View, CA, June 21st, 2018Guardian Analytics, the #1 Financial Crime Investigation behavioral analytics and machine learning platform for banking payment fraud detection, enterprise portal fraud and AML, today announced an upcoming webinar “Preventing Peer-to-Peer (P2P) payment fraud in real time”.

Digital payments such as Online Bill Pay as well as P2P Money Transfers adoption are increasing and P2P payments such as Zelle, Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies are emerging. The faster window of payment combined with the high velocity transactions are attracting fraudsters with sophisticated fraud schemes that cannot be detected with rules engine.

With presentations by guest speaker Shirley Inscoe, Senior Analyst at Aite Group, along with Eric Tran-Le, Vice President of Product Management at Guardian Analytics, the webinar will shed light on the challenges to prevent Payments Fraud in real time.

“Digital Banking is moving quickly towards real-time payments and emerging P2P money transfers rails are emerging. There is a need for real-time fraud detection and prevention capabilities. Simple rules alone are no longer adequate; machine learning and real-time fraud analytics are required to effectively combat fraud” said Shirley Inscore, Senior Analyst at Aite Group.

This Guardian Analytics webinar will be held on Thursday, June 28th at 11:00 a.m. PST and is targeted to professionals working for both financial institutions and companies in roles that include: heads of Fraud Compliance, Controllers, Chief Financial Officers, and heads of Information Security.

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