Holistic fraud prevention

Modern financial institutions need fraud prevention solutions that don’t get in the way of business growth. Guardian Analytics provides a sophisticated platform that not only helps you better protect your customers and financial assets, but quickly adapt to the ever-changing threat landscape. Gain the confidence to offer competitive products and services to attract and retain high net worth customers.

Complete control

Our comprehensive web services framework allows data capture throughout your enterprise to turn data into actionable information in real-time. Deploy robust integrations and control mechanisms to intercept and automatically hold high-risk transactions to prevent loss. Expedite low risk transactions to minimize the impact to the customer experience.

Stay ahead of the fraudsters by using the strategic advantage you have over them —a deep knowledge of your customers’ unique behavior

The Guardian Analytics Omni-Channel Fraud Prevention Platform leverages the power of behavioral analytics to give you a 360-degree view of customer behavior while eliminating operational silos.

Omni-Channel Fraud Prevention

The enterprise-ready omni-channel fraud prevention platform from Guardian Analytics was built on the industry’s leading behavioral analytics and machine learning technology. It provides 360 degree insights into customer behavior so you can gain advanced protection and real-time control over fraudsters and fraud risk. The platform consists of Visual Analytics, an Integrated Risk Database, Omni-Channel Risk Scoring, and an Enterprise API to give your financial institution and end customers the best protection against fraudulent banking attacks.

Visual Analytics

Gain deep insights into customer behavior. View rich visual analytics for every customer, with prioritized risk alerts and consolidated information across all channels.

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Integrated Risk Database

Easily consolidate multi-source intelligence data to enhance risk scoring and provide rich context for fraud investigators. Sources include alerts from enterprise case management solutions, core systems, endpoint security, call center, branches, IP reputation lists, and other sources.

Cross-Channel Risk Scoring

Get precise risk scores for each customer using activities, transactions, device, and location data from all customer interaction channels. Combine intelligence data sourced from your own security infrastructure and Guardian Analytics intelligence data sourced from industry, law enforcement, or government agencies.

Enterprise API

Highly scalable web services framework that allows real-time data capture from multiple sources across the entire institution and returns real-time risk scores. Drives automated intervention such as transaction hold/release, step up authentication, OOB and other strategies.

 Superior solutions for every customer touchpoint and payment type


Detect unauthorized access to secure bill pay, personal finance, employee benefits, and wealth management systems.



Prevent online banking fraud by monitoring all online activity from login to logout.



Uncover fraudulent mobile activities including unauthorized access, transfers and remote deposit capture.



Detect suspicious or fraudulent payments in originated and received ACH files.



Stop all forms of wire fraud by analyzing wire transactions in real-time, without slowing legitimate payments.



Keep strategic initiatives on track and improve your fraud risk management with our managed service.


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