Mobile Banking Trojans Triple

Banking Malware Historic High in 2018

“In the U.S. specifically, we found users were attacked the most with mobile banking reached a historic high at more than 61,000″, according to Kapersky Research Lab. Here are some typical methods of compromise:

  • Mobile device is infected with an exploit kit
  • A keylogger captures victim’s credentials
  • A web inject can add extra fields to forms

Protect Mobile Banking Users

Stop Mobile Fraud with Behavioral Analytics

Guardian Analytics Mobile Fraud Detection is the only solution that provides comprehensive behavior analytics for mobile banking. Our patented behavior-based anomaly detection for mobile (or online) channel performs:

  • Customer behavior monitoring
  • Unique mobile DNA for each account holder
  • Enables real-time intervention when warranted

No Hardware, No Software, No Worries

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Digital Banking Fraud Detection

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Mobile Banking Fraud is On the Rise

JPMorgan Chase, Well Fargo, B of A reported a drop in active mobile usage. Federal Reserve survey of nonmobile users indicates 73% if respondent says security is a key concern.

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