Solutions for Community Banks & Credit Unions

Better fraud detection.

NICE Actimize is the partner of choice when it comes to offering your customers a seamless and engaging banking experience while significantly reducing fraud risk. As the proven industry leader in fraud prevention, we offer turnkey integrations and faster time to protection to help you meet your business objectives.

Fraud prevention you can trust.

Faster payments and other industry innovations may delight your customers, but also leave them more vulnerable to fraud. We’ve got you covered with a platform that not only protects your customers, but enables business growth.

Leverage turnkey integrations

NICE Actimize Xceed delivers turnkey integration with industry leaders including Fiserv and Digital Insight to deliver fraud prevention and anomaly detection for credit unions and community banks. Our joint solutions provide a powerful end-to-end financial crimes fighting platform. To learn more, please contact your Fiserv and Digital Insight account representative.

Prevent Fraud Loss

Protect your valuable customers without disrupting their banking experience by detecting the widest array of attacks. With a proven layer of security based on behavioral analytics, you can identify suspicious activity and transactions and increase your coverage across threats and account holders.

Deploy and Maintain Easily

NICE Actimize Xceed is available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution with existing integrations with dozens of banking platforms. This translates into timely deployments, no hardware to purchase or configure, and minimal time required for on-going system maintenance.

Meet FFIEC Guidelines

Meet minimum FFIEC guidelines for a layered security approach and enhance suspicious activity detection. See why anomaly detection has been proven to be a superior strategy for fraud prevention.

Meet FFIEC with Guardian Analytics solutions

Increase Operational Efficiency

Improve operational efficiency by prioritizing alerts and analyzing anomalous activities. Focus on the highest risk accounts and transactions and reduce tedious manual reviews and unnecessary customer callbacks.

Learn how NICE Actimize Xceed’s turnkey fraud solutions integrate with credit unions and community banks to provide full protection from ever-changing fraud threats.