Convert check fraud loss into check fraud prevention.

Fraudsters, continually experimenting and evolving their tactics, render rule-based check fraud solutions ineffective. Traditional fraud monitoring rules for check deposits not only generate a large number of false positives, but also are not sufficient enough to catch cleverly engineered fraud such as check kiting schemes. Today, check fraud continues to cause extensive financial losses for financial institutions.

Early detection is key to converting check fraud loss into fraud prevention. Xceed Check Fraud Detection utilizes machine learning to learn an individual user’s behavior by analyzing check transaction patterns, and identifying unusual activity deviating from a user’s normal behavior pattern. The ability for Xceed Check Fraud Detection to alert the fraud team based on ranked risk for the right individual greatly reduces false positives. This enables a financial institution to increase fraud operation efficiency by allowing fraud analysts to spend more time on an actual investigation.

Xceed Check Fraud Detection monitors, analyzes, and calculates a risk score for every check transaction, providing fraud prevention for check deposits and withdrawals across all channels.

Xceed Check Fraud Features

Fraud risk scoring in real-time with reduced false positives

Detects anomalous transactions for both check deposits and withdrawals

Provides check kiting detection

Alert and case management capabilities with best-in-class application user experience

Xceed Check Fraud Benefits

Reduce Fraud Losses and Risk
Reduce fraud losses and risk

Reduce fraud losses and risk by effectively detecting check fraud regardless of fraud schemes

Visualize Your Analytics in Real-time
Reduce false positives

Reduce false positives and securely reduce friction for legitimate users by using advanced machine learning and behavioral analytics

Define Your Risk-Based Policies
Adapt to new fraud schemes

Adapt to new fraud schemes without depending on fraud rule updates

Improve Operational Efficiency
Improve operational efficiency

Improve operational efficiency and team productivity by allowing the fraud analysts to focus on high risk check transactions

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