Guardian Analytics® To Present Executive Webinar with Aite Group Featuring the Industry’s First and Only Behavioral Analytics Solution Designed to Protect B2B Web Portals from Fraud

Guardian Analytics, the market leader in behavioral analytics and machine learning solutions for detecting fraud, announced an executive webinar featuring Aite Group Senior Research Analyst Linda Coven and Vice President of Products at Guardian Analytics, Luis Rojas.

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Why Rule Based Approaches Are no Longer Effective in Detecting Online Banking Frauds

With online banking a user doesn’t interact with a bank employee in-person, a user is identified solely through a username and password. These credentials can be, and often are, easily stolen by fraudsters via various phishing and social engineering scams. Security analysts realize that every online session that uses the correct username/password combination cannot be blindly trusted, and there is a need to use additional attributes to verify that the session being conducted is in fact, by a legitimate user.

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