Be a hero with our BEC Detection Kit

The Business Email Compromise (BEC) scam targets businesses and results in an employee being tricked into wiring money to the fraudster.

The FBI first warned of this attack in January 2015, and has since updated their alert multiple times.

Our BEC Detection Kit includes materials for FIs to educate businesses about BEC and how they can protect themselves.


On-Demand Webinar: Detecting the BEC Scam

Describes in detail how the scam works, specific variations, and the preparation put in by fraudsters that make it so difficult to detect.

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Best Practices for Businesses

Compiled from FBI reports, FIs, and Guardian Analytics research, this document highlights the best practices for businesses to protect themselves

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BEC True Stories

A compilation of specific BEC examples that fraudsters use to trick businesses into wiring funds.

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Fraud Update

This fraud update shares how the BEC scam works, why it’s effective, and how FIs can detect it.

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Best Practices Video
Explains to businesses how the scam works and best practices for protecting themselves. You can use it for internal training or as part of your client education programs.

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