Guardian Analytics® and BioCatch to Host an Executive Webinar on Practical Use Cases of Behavioral Biometrics in Banking on December 4th

Mountain View, CA, November 21, 2019Guardian Analytics, the market leader in real-time behavioral analytics and machine learning solutions for banking payment fraud detection, anti-money laundering, and enterprise B2B portal fraud, today announced an upcoming executive webinar with BioCatch, the leader in behavioral biometrics, on how behavioral biometrics are used by leading institutions today to detect fraud across the digital identity lifecycle.

Experts from BioCatch and Guardian Analytics will explore best practices on incorporating AI- Driven Behavioral Biometrics for various use cases such as identity proofing, continuous authentication and detecting sophisticated social engineering scams. BioCatch behavioral biometrics specifically analyzes more than 2,000 parameters of users’ physical and cognitive behavioral interactions online and returns a risk score in real-time that helps financial institutions determine whether to stop or allow a transaction.

The combination of behavioral biometrics and digital banking machine learning and behavioral analytics opens up an era where financial institutions can implement friction-right risk-based authentication and provide active defense against all types of digital threats from account take over to synthetic identity detection.

“The deep integration between BioCatch and Guardian Analytics creates a new category of Machine Learning Driven Behavioral Biometrics fraud detection products that enable friction-right risk-based authentication in Digital Banking,” said Eric Tran-Le, Vice President of Product Management at Guardian Analytics.

“By leveraging Behavioral Biometrics, we expand far beyond profiling just user activity, device and location, adding a layer of protection and confidence to our customer’s decisions based on the unique behavioral and cognitive characteristics seen when a user interacts with a device or website,” said Ayelet Biger-Levin, Vice President of Product Marketing at BioCatch. “The resulting intelligence reduces friction by more accurately recognizing genuine users and improves fraud detection of both human and non-human attacks.”

Webinar attendess will learn how behavioral biometrics detect suspicious user identity on mobile devices, enable friction-right risk-based authentication experience, and complement other technologies to score the likelihood of payment fraud.

To reserve your spot for the live webinar, please see details below.
Live Webinar: Practical Use Cases of Behavioral Biometrics in Banking
Speakers: Eric Tran-Le, VP of Product Management, Sayalee Pawar, Product Manager of Data Analytics at Guardian Analytics and Ayelet Biger-Levin, VP of Product Marketing at BioCatch
Date: Wednesday, December 4th
Time: 11am PST
Register: Click here

About Guardian Analytics®
Guardian Analytics is the pioneer and leading provider of behavioral analytics and machine learning solutions for preventing banking fraud and anti-money laundering. Hundreds of financial institutions have standardized on Guardian Analytics’ innovative solutions to mitigate fraud risk and rely on the company to stop the sophisticated criminal attacks targeting retail and commercial banking clients. With Guardian Analytics, financial institutions build trust, increase competitiveness, improve their customer experience and scale operations. Guardian Analytics is privately held and based in Mountain View, CA. For more information, please visit

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About BioCatch
BioCatch is a digital identity company that delivers AI-driven behavioral biometrics, analyzing human-device interactions to protect users and data. Banks and other enterprises use BioCatch to significantly reduce online fraud and better manage online identity verification, without compromising the user experience. With an unparalleled patent portfolio and deployments at leading financial institutions and global enterprises around the world that cover more than 90 million users, BioCatch has established itself as the industry leader. For more information, please visit

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