Guardian Analytics® to Attend Western Bankers Association 2020 Bank Presidents Seminar

Mountain View, CA, January 7th, 2020Guardian Analytics, the market leader in real-time behavioral analytics and machine learning solutions for banking payment fraud detection, anti-money laundering, and enterprise B2B portal fraud, announced their attendance at the Western Bankers Association 2020 Bank Presidents Seminar. The event will be held at the Four Seasons Resort at the Biltmore in Santa Barbara, CA on January 7-9, 2020.

Guardian Analytics AML and fraud experts are available for one-on-one discussions throughout the event, demonstrating how bank presidents and CEOs can utilize machine learning capabilities to transform their AML compliance operations and increase efficiency while improving efficacy in their fraud investigations. Attendees are encouraged to schedule a meeting in advance here.

“With a decade of massive data breaches, conventional KYC and CDD relying on PII data verification to corroborate customer identity and non-real-time ongoing monitoring of money laundering risks are not working anymore,” said Eric Tran-Le, Co-CEO and Vice President of Product Managment at Guardian Analytics. “Unless you have a flexible KYC form with high-resolution, self-service customizable risk scoring scenarios and real-time CDD, the AML team will be flipping a coin to pick an alert out of +95% false alerts. The outcome is low efficiency SAR to alert ratio and increased money laundering risk exposures.”

About the Conference
The Bank Presidents Seminar is the only Western Bankers Association program exclusively for member bank presidents and CEOs. Senior leaders of western region banks are invited to attend this premier event which delivers informative sessions and powerful networking opportunities at the luxurious Four Seasons Resort at the Biltmore in Santa Barbara.

About Guardian Analytics®
Guardian Analytics is the pioneer and leading provider of behavioral analytics and machine learning solutions for preventing banking fraud and anti-money laundering.  Hundreds of financial institutions have standardized on Guardian Analytics’ innovative solutions to mitigate fraud risk and rely on the company to stop the sophisticated criminal attacks targeting retail and commercial banking clients. With Guardian Analytics, financial institutions build trust, increase competitiveness, improve their customer experience, and scale operations. Guardian Analytics is privately held and based in Mountain View, CA. For more information, please visit

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