Guardian Analytics® and Ocean Systems, Inc., Announce Joint Partnership to Expand Real-time Wire Fraud Prevention to FedLink Customers

Mountain View, CA, September 12, 2016Guardian Analytics, the market leader in behavioral analytics solutions for preventing banking fraud, today announced a partnership with Ocean Systems, Inc (OSI), a software development company specializing in solutions for the financial and banking market, including their flagship wire service, FedLink. Together, the two firms have established a technical partnership at the request of their joint customers to ensure out-of-the box integration between FedLink and Guardian Analytics Wire. This integration will ensure faster time to deployment and real-time wire fraud protection for FedLink customers.
“This partnership with Ocean Systems expands the availability of our fraud prevention solution, and continues to offer a seamless experience for FedLink customers,” said Eric Tran-Le and Hue Harguindeguy, Co-CEOs at Guardian Analytics. “With Guardian Analytics Wire completely integrated, we can continue the fight against wire fraud and business email compromise.”
“Our FedLink wire system is an industry product line of choice and we are excited to offer our customers an integrated fraud prevention solution that automatically intervenes to hold high-risk wires and release low-risk wires to improve operational efficiency and reduce fraud risk,” said Juan Mendoza, CEO of Ocean Systems, Inc.
About Guardian Analytics
Guardian Analytics is the pioneer and leading provider of behavioral analytics and machine learning solutions for preventing banking fraud. More than 400 financial institutions have standardized on Guardian Analytics’ innovative solutions to mitigate fraud risk and rely on the company to stop the sophisticated criminal attacks targeting retail and commercial banking clients. With Guardian Analytics, financial institutions build trust, increase competitiveness, improve their customer experience and scale operations. Guardian Analytics is privately held and based in Mountain View, CA. For more information, please visit
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About Ocean Systems, Inc.
Ocean Systems, Inc. (OSI) is a software development company specializing in Compliance and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) applications for the financial and banking industry. OSI’s core software products include the FedLink Wire Automation product, the OFAC EDD Server, and the Enhanced Compliance Solution (ECS). The FedLink Wire Transfer family of products delivers a seamless wire transfer system. Rich in feature functionality, FedLink has evolved to meet regulatory enhancements since 1995. As a wire transfer system with hundreds of satisfied bank customers globally, FedLink has garnered outstanding user feedback, while delivering and passing numerous regulatory examinations. Since it was founded in 1991, OSI has played a leadership role in software engagements in compliance solutions related to bank payment systems concerning ACH, Wire Transfers, ATM, and POS. Operating from its offices in Miami, Florida, OSI is a certified vendor of the Federal Reserve Bank and of MasterCard. For more information about Ocean Systems, Inc, please visit