Xceed Anti-Money Laundering

Increase your AML investigation efficiency and de-risk your real-time customer onboarding

Criminals have weaponized AI/Machine learning to breach conventional AML detection tools. As such financial institutions, casinos, money service businesses should not look at financial crime from a solely regulatory perspective. With the rise of quicker payments and more sophisticated money laundering schemes, there are sizable challenges in detecting and preventing money laundering targeted at their customers and themselves. In addition, the current ever-changing environment is creating the need for the addition of more rules and the need to change thresholds of old rules. Built from the ground up, our Xceed Evidence Lake™ AML solutions are designed to solve these limitations for financial institutions.

Xceed Modern AML Platform

No Hardware, No Software, No Worries

  • Cloud 1st design
  • Fast deployment
  • Simple-to-use

Data Lake Big Data Analytics

  • Extreme scalability
  • Unlimited storage
  • Open cloud architecture

Comprehensive Functionalities

  • Transaction monitoring
  • Real-time CDD
  • Onboarding risk monitoring
  • 314a, Watchlist
  • SAR e-filing

Intuitive, Point-and-click Link Investigation

Xceed AML Evidence Lake™

Detect and investigate money laundering scenarios, while increasing your financial institution’s AML investigation efficiency.
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Xceed AML Evidence Lake™ CDD

Decrease and de-risk your customer onboarding time using our customizable, flexible KYC/CDD rules-based system, while remaining in compliance with FinCEN regulation.
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Anti-Money Laundering Resources

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On-Demand Webinar
The Power of Always on AI

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