Equality and Diversity Report 2018

Today, Guardian Analytics is announcing our first Equality and Diversity Report.
“At Guardian Analytics, equality and diversity are two core values. We believe that is essential to contribute to the creation of a more equal workplace. We believe that it is essential to success to encourage a culture of inclusion and respect where everyone is welcome. We believe that we ought to measure ourselves against these core values. While there is still work to be done, I’m very proud of what we have already achieved toward that vision.”, said Eric Tran-Le and Hue Harguindeguy, CO-CEOs at Guardian Analytics.
“I’m delighted and commited to foster a culture of equality and diversity throughout everything we do at Guardian Analytics, from employee recruitment, to on-boarding,  development, and compensation”, said Hue Harguindeguy.
Please click here to download the Guardian Analytics 2018 Equality and Diversity Report

Guardian Analytics Taking a Stance for Equality & Diversity: Guardian Analytics 2018 Equality Report