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Today's Fraud Challenges

Understanding the importance and value of Guardian Analytics online fraud protection software requires an understanding of today's cyber criminals: how they attack, who they attack, and how they can be stopped. In Online Fraud Today we describe the strategic importance of offering robust online banking services, how this opens the door to fraudsters, attack strategies and how they defeat most of today's defenses, and the true cost of fraud losses to financial institutions, which far exceeds the nominal theft amount.

Many of these points are reinforced with the videos and downloadable resources available in this section. We encourage readers to review the Online Fraud Today section first to get an overview of the challenges that financial institutions face as they fend off today's sophisticated cyber crooks and online attacks.

Online Fraud Today
Online Fraud Today

The fraudsters, how they attack, and the true cost of fraud

2012 Business Banking Trust Study
Research & Whitepapers

Detailed investigations into how to battle online banking fraud

Fraud Informer: August 2010 Edition
Threats Resources

Our on-going series about defending against the latest fraud attacks

FraudMAP Overview

Guardian Analytics literature describing our solutions


Industry experts discuss online banking fraud challenges and solutions

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Guardian Analytics' Blog
Anomaly Detection Toolkit

This in-depth primer explains what anomaly detection is and how it works to stop the online banking fraud attacks that other solutions miss.

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