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Fraud Informer: December 2013 Edition

The Case of the Absent Account Holder (December 2013)

Just because someone doesn't use online banking doesn't make him safe from fraudsters. Read how criminals are targeting absent account holders, preying on the likelihood that the victims won't notice the online banking activity.
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Fraud Informer: June 2013 Edition

Without a Trace (June 2013)

Learn how fraudsters have found a way to use a well-intended service to divert banking related emails while also covering their tracks.
PDF, 115k

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Fraud Informer: May 2013 Edition

Tech Support Scam (May 2013)

A resurgence of an old scheme where fraudsters pose as technical support to gain remote access to a victim's computer.
PDF, 565k

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Fraud Informer: December 2012 Edition

Chatting for Dollars (December 2012)

Our fraud investigators were the first in the industry to detect this scheme where fraudsters are using the online Live Chat feature to have client service reps submit fraudulent wire transfers on their behalf.
PDF, 277k

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Fraud Informer: April 2011 Edition

The High Wire Act (April 2011)

Read how criminals defeated multi-factor authentication and one time passwords to steal $11M in a series of wire transfers to China. The attacks resulted in a rare joint alert by the FBI, FS-ISAC and IC3. Includes recommendations for protecting against these specific attacks plus longer-term strategies for defeating attacks as fraudsters continue to evolve their techniques.
PDF, 277k

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Fraud Informer: August 2010 Edition

Dualing for Control (August 2010)

Two banks, one national and one regional, experience attacks against their business banking customers where dual controls are easily defeated. Plus tips for avoiding falling victim to the types of attacks described.
PDF, 217k

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Fraud Informer: November 2009 Edition

Fraudsters Bank on Commercial Customers (November 2009)

Summarizes the fraud risks, shemes & losses facing business banking today, often resulting in customer churn & legal action against the banks. Also includes tips for preventing online fraud aimed at commercial customers.
PDF, 106k

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Fraud Informer: June 2009 Edition

On the Backs of Mules: Inside an Elaborate ACH Scheme (June 2009)

This elaborate ACH fraud attack against a small Midwest community bank that involved 16 unwitting money mules and a total of $142,000 demonstrates that not all attacks are against the largest institutions.
PDF, 90k

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Fraud Informer: April 2009 Edition

Online Account Reconnaissance Leads to Loss (April 2009)

An elaborate scheme that invoived social engineering, online account reconnaissance calls to customer service, wire transfers, and withdrawals at branch locations — all in a single, coordinated attack.
PDF, 94k

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