Managed Service Prevents Fraud Without Impacting Staffing

A Guardian Analytics fraud analyst uses FraudMAP to monitor your portals, banking, and payments.


  • Add the best fraud prevention available without straining your staff
  • Focus in-house staff where they're needed most - on the few highest risk activities
  • Move forward with other priorities without sacrificing fraud prevention needs
  • Determine at your own pace how best to add FraudMAP into your internal operations
  • Build customer trust and loyalty by proactively taking responsibility for providing outstanding fraud protection

FraudDESK is a managed service that enables you to protect against fraud without straining your staff, resulting in decreased fraud losses and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. A Guardian Analytics fraud analyst uses our industry-leading FraudMAP software to monitor all online and mobile banking, ACH and wire payments, and personal information available through web-based portals.

It's as if you instantly added a fraud analyst to your staff, keeping your fraud initiatives moving forward. Protect ALL of your users and account holders without changing your staff responsibilities or impacting other projects. With FraudDESK, you will have the confidence that an experienced fraud analyst is using FraudMAP to proactively identify high-risk activity and unusual payments before the money is gone or personal information is stolen.

An Expert Fraud Analyst Available Immediately

Your FraudDESK analyst uses FraudMAP on your behalf to bring suspicious accounts with anomalous activity to your attention. You can rely on our experts to:

  • Proactively monitor all users or account holders across all of your banking, treasury, or information access services
  • Rapidly investigate suspicious activity
  • Escalate likely account compromise and payments fraud

Flexible Packages Offer Short and Long-term Resources

FraudDESK is a flexible service, with packages to meet your unique needs. Use FraudDESK as your on-going operational solution for FraudMAP, as a way to quickly kick-start your fraud prevention initiative, or to learn FraudMAP and how to incorporate it into your operations at your own pace.

FraudDESK Overview

FraudDESK Overview

The capabilities and benefits of our new comprehensive online fraud protection solution.

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