Our customers are protecting all account holders from all types of fraud.

Our customers are national, regional and community banks and credit unions. They are using our behavioral analytics solutions to successfully protect their consumer and commercial banking customers as well as their businesses.

Our customers are successfully detecting the widest possible range of attacks plus new and emerging threats such as Man-In-the-Browser and Money Mule schemes. Here are just a few examples of wide range of results our customers have seen, ranging from preventing ACH, Wire, Bill Pay, and other electronic funds transfer fraud to helping them to achieve their strategic and operational objectives.


Customer Results

Proactively stop ACH, Wire, and Bill Pay Fraud

  • National bank identified account compromised and a $136K ACH fraud attempt involving 16 money mules
  • National bank identified Man-In-the-Browser attack and 3 separate fraudulent wire transfers in a single account totaling over $300K across 3 days
  • National bank identified $786K fraudulent loan draw down and wire transfer
  • Credit union stopped $500K in fraud in first 6 months
  • Credit union identified account with four Bill Pay transactions teed up after customer was compromised via phone phishing scheme

Proactively detect corporate and retail account takeover

  • Credit union identified 75 compromised accounts with over $1M at risk prior to transaction attempt
  • Credit union identified multiple accounts breached by the same IP address prior to transaction attempt

Enhance online services due to increased trust in online security

  • Credit union, who was almost ready to eliminate online wire transfers, decided to increase online transfer limits and offer cross-institution transfers as well
  • Community bank expedited wire releases to hourly, improving customer service

Improved brand reputation

  • Regional bank started proactively calling customers to help them better take advantage of online services
  • Credit union CEO received thank you calls from members following outreach to investigate potential fraud

Increased efficiency and optimized IT and fraud resources

  • Credit union reduced time needed for audits from 3 days to 2 hours
  • Regional bank reduced time needed to assess and review potential fraudulent wires from 4 hours to 30 minutes by focusing on highest risk transactions