Company Overview

Mitigating Fraud Risk So You Can Offer the Services Your Clients Demand

Guardian Analytics pioneered the use of behavioral analytics for preventing banking fraud, and we’re the leading provider of behavior-based solutions for financial institutions. Our customers detect suspicious wire and ACH payments and unauthorized access to customer and employee portals as well as to online and mobile banking. The result is companies that have mitigated fraud risk associated with new products and improved service levels and therefore improve competitiveness and growth, reduce fraud risk and losses, increase operational efficiency, and enhance compliance.

Our Mission

The company's mission is to use behavioral analytics to protect the integrity of our customers' brands, information, and financial assets.

Our History

Our company was founded in 2005 with a vision of how to use behavior to dramatically improve information security. We initially focused on the banking industry where we are the standard for preventing online and mobile banking fraud, and detecting fraudulent ACH and wire payments. We have subsequently expanded our availability to include industries that maintain or provide access to sensitive or proprietary financial data and systems, including wealth management, brokerage, e-commerce, and insurance.

Our Success

Hundreds of companies have standardized on Guardian Analytics FraudMAP to protect millions of account holders and trillions of dollars. Our continued high growth in new customers and renewed investment by our existing ones demonstrate that security and risk professionals are validating the effectiveness of our behavior-based strategy in light of the proven ineffectiveness of existing authentication systems. We're excited about what we do every day because we're protecting companies, their employees, and their clients from a very formidable enemy—today's global cyber criminals.

How We Are Different

We are the first fraud prevention solution to use behavior-based anomaly detection. To complement our expertise in behavioral analytics, we actively study fraudsters’ techniques that we incorporate into the on-going tuning of our solutions and share with our customers to enhance their knowledge of their adversaries’ capabilities.

We are the only solution that automatically and immediately protects 100 percent of users and account holders against all types of threats and schemes, and dynamically adapts to new attacks and changes in legitimate user behavior. In addition to fraudulent payments, we detect account takeover, reconnaissance, and fraud set-up activity that indicate possible criminal activity in the early stages of an attack so our customers can proactively intervene before there’s any money movement. And we do it all without rules and without disrupting users' normal activity or process.

Guardian Analytics is privately held. Please see our Investors page.

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Join us to work on the meaningful, impactful real-world challenge of stopping online cyber criminals.

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